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Thread: The New Dylan (CTG)

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    Default The New Dylan (CTG)

    The New Dylan

    The reviewer muses
    on the melancholy
    of Dylan's latest,
    wonders if it might
    possibly be his last.

    In the blurry stage
    performance shot,
    without my glasses,
    he almost resembles
    the Dylan of old.

    The caption informing
    me I will still find
    "nuggets of wisdom,"
    I misconstrue as
    "muppets of wisdom."

    Christopher T. George
    Christopher T. George
    Editor, Ripperologist
    Editor, Loch Raven Review
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    Default The sun aint yellow its chicken!

    Last time I heard Chris he was a Christian with a chicken farm.
    Oh as I was young and easy in the mercy of his means,
    Time held me green and dying
    Though I sang in my chains like the sea.

    Dylan Thomas

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