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Thread: The Childrens Homes

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    Default New Heys?

    Was in Allerton a few weeks ago researching a talk. Is this the New Heys that has been mentioned?Click image for larger version. 

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    Any pics of Heswell Childrens Hospital?
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    Default HelloTeresamariaf:

    I to was in St. Catherine's Convent from 1968-70. Would certainly like to speak with you about my memories of the place.
    Quote Originally Posted by teresamariaf View Post
    Hi Paddy

    I was in a childrens home in Druids Cross rd in Woolton, It was called St. Catherines convent for girls, or st. catherines ophanage , I have been trying to finds out its history for years, some people get it mixed up with Knoll Park which was around the corner. My brothers where both in knoll park in the 1950s, st catherines belonged to a merchant taylor who gave the mansion to the sisters of de paul in the 1920s which became st. catherines, it was a huge white house , with a chapel on the side, it was a wonderful building, which i can still see vividly ,it had tennis courts, it grew its own fruit and vegtables, it was set in large grounds, it was demolished in the early eighties and now expensive house have been build since, all that is left of the beautiful old mansion is the coach house, which at the time was the laundry house, but now someone lives there, I had some many wonderful memories of st. catherines, which sadly closed down in 1971 because the city council could not afford to help the sisters of de paul run it, all the children where shipped off to different foster homes, across the city, i would love to meet up anyone who remembers me from them days

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    @ Spike
    There is a postcard on E-bay that shows a picture:

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    Have you got any more photo's of Aymestrey Court please?

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    Any more photos of Aymestrey Court from the early 60's?

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