PLANS to build a new rubbish recycling centre in Liverpool were given the go-ahead despite pleas from residents.

They begged councillors not to further add to the "decay" of their community by approving the Gillmoss Recycling Park scheme.

They said they felt the area was becoming a "dumping ground" and, because it sits on the border of Liverpool and Knowsley, was being treated like a "no-man?s land" no one wanted responsibility for.

But Liverpool council?s planning committee backed the 18m-high plant, which Merseyside Waste Disposal Authority insists will be a "good neighbour" to residents.

But families, supported by ward councillors, fear the development will bring more heavy vehicle traffic problems.

Up to 50 lorries a day are expected to need to access the site, where household rubbish like paper, bottles and cans will be sorted and moved on.

Today, residents said they had lost their leisure centre and swimming pool, and received the controversial TJ Morris warehouse and Altcourse prison.

Gillmoss resident William Duggan said: "We live in that area and all they want to do is put more rubbish on us.

"That has got to be wrong. We cannot get anything built for youths, who also see it as a dumping ground.

"People do not call this Liverpool or Knowsley, but ?no-man?s land?."

Fazakerley Cllr Jack Spriggs said he felt the plan had already been "rubber stamped" by planning bosses.

He added: "We are sick and tired of being treated like a dumping ground.

"We have nothing we do want and everything we don?t."

But committee chairman Dave Irving said it was "probably the most appropriate site" he had seen and recommended it was approved.

The centre will operate 24 hours a day, although deliveries will take place no later than 6pm.

Liverpool Echo