Of course, we have been awarding these for a few years now!

FOOTBALLING legends, artists, businessmen and media figures are amongst the first round of "Honorary Scousers" to have the award confered on them.

The Lord Mayor of Liverpool will bestow the coveted title upon nearly 40 people who are not native to the city but who are passionate about the city.

Danish footballer Jan Molby, Liverpool FC legend Ron Yeats and radio DJs Roger Phillips and Pete Price are amongst the names attending the event at Liverpool Town Hall on Monday.

Others include Leonard Eppel, the man who is considered to have almost single-handedly rescued the Albert Dock from demolition, is also to be honoured.

Artists the Singh twins who painted the city?s Capital of Culture coat of arms ? and Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra conductor Vasily Patrenko will also receive the accolade.

Lord Mayor Cllr Rotheram said it was important to recognise the contribution of those who "were tricked by fate into being born outside the city".

Cllr Rotheram added: "Everyone single one of these individuals fully deserve this honour as they have all helped make Liverpool great and acted as tremendous ambassadors for the city.

"I?m delighted to be able to offer them some form of official recognition.

"But if you feel I have omitted anyone let me know about the unsung heroes who have done things which bring honour upon the city."

Other "Honorary Scousers" include Professor Gerard J Pillay, vice-chancellor of Hope University.

Liverpool Echo