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Thread: Take-Aways BANNED by Liverpool Schools

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    Default Take-Aways BANNED by Liverpool Schools

    TAKEAWAYS face being banned within 200 metres of Liverpool schools under radical new proposals.

    Education and council chiefs are backing the plan aimed at removing pupils? temptation to eat fast food.

    The idea is the brainchild of former city education boss, Cllr Paul Clein.

    He is calling for an approach to government planners so future applications for fast food outlets within 200 metres of any school will be refused.

    No new outlets would be allowed to take over existing venues under Cllr Clein?s plan.

    It follows new US research which found having a fast-food restaurant near a school brought at least a 5.2% obesity increase.

    Cllr Clein said it would complement existing healthy living measures in Liverpool, where 20.7% of boys and 14.8% of girls are obese by the age of 11.

    He hopes the move will win full council support and ?with a political will? could be implemented in months.

    ?If we are going to tackle obesity, there is no use in half measures.

    ?Kids like fast food meals and this is about removing the temptation for those who know the outlets are there and go three to four times a week.? more
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    Pffft, the kids need more disipline. I was getting greedy at one point with food and managed to disipline myself even though theres still an odd over eating day. True disipline comes from within.

    Don't the council already have to approve applications to refuse or approve of certain businesses being built anyway? Waste of time as they can already refuse to allow a fast food outlet being built.
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    Call me a cynic - but this is a bit of spin by a councillor, who is probably up for re-election in the May elections. Expect all sorts of "caring" stories in the run up to the elections - it happens every year.

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    So the kids will just take longer for lunch so as to get to the Take-aways.

    Will give them good exercise though.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Spike View Post
    So the kids will just take longer for lunch so as to get to the Take-aways.

    Will give them good exercise though.

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