Hi all

I have posted a number of poems over the years at the Football Poets website, most of them about Liverpool FC, though the site is for any football-related poetry, LFC, EFC, Chelsea, Man U, or whomever. Reds fans might get a kick out of some of the Liverpool poems. For example, I liked the following one by "Red" that might bring a smile to some LFC supporters as well as the one by myself about our Istanbul Champions League final win in 2005. My latest one is about Sven-Göran Eriksson and might amuse you too.

"I'll Tell Mr Paisley!"

A certain Liverpool junior school
once had the best behaved kids
In the land
Detention was unheard of
No snot-nosed urchins lined up
In dirty football boots
Outside the staffroom
Because the head teacher Jessie Paisley
only had to look, shake her head slowly
Then utter the immortal lines
"I'll tell Mr Paisley"
Perfect harmony ensued


Jessie Paisley, wife of the great Sir Bob Paisley, was a schoolteacher in Liverpool during Bob's glorious days at the club.

Dead Jammy

We won the Champions Cup but we wuz Dead Jammy.
The others had better players: Gooners and Red Devils
and Chelski but we had Gerrard and Carragher and luck,
we fought through the muck, our players had heart, they
all played their part, give or take. In the end, who cares
if we wuz Dead Jammy? The Cup's at Anfield to stay.

Christopher T. George

My Ride with Sven

7:00 AM: I'm riding on the Marc to D.C
in front of Sven-Göran Eriksson: the ex-
England-and-now-Mexico football coach sits

drowsing behind me (we're facing
backwards toward Baltimore), and it
isn't Sven but just a man who looks

like him (he's got Sven-Göran's silver hair
and trademark silver-rimmed spectacles).
He detrains at New Carrollton before

the Marc rolls down to Union Station,
glides down the escalator to his work
at the Social Security Administration.

And I regret once again we can't enjoy
comparing notes on the merits
of the England and Mexico teams.

Christopher T. George