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Thread: The Plaque at McDonalds Church Street / Paradise Street?

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    Default The Plaque at McDonalds Church Street / Paradise Street?

    I hope some of you can help me on this one... At Mcdonalds on the corner of Church Street / Paradise Street, in the city centre, there is a bronze plaque which I cannot seem to find any information about...

    The plaque is on the Paradise Street side of the building and looks as though it has been there for a number of years.

    It reads...

    In Honour of the former staff of Collins Booksellers, who served this great city for over 50 years.

    It is he who read who educated himself and others.

    Can anyone shed any light on this at all?
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    On the subject of Church st/Paradise st corner, I noticed the new pavement outside Mc Donalds already defaced with ugly tar slapped across it
    Why spoil lovely new paving in this way !! ? I can't understand why this is allowed to happen. Surely the paving should be replaced ?

    I snapped a pic -
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    Default Tarmac replacement

    I emailed Wozza bradley about the replacement of cobbles with tarmac and apparently Enterprise Liverpool are supposed to replace the tarmac with the cobbles within 30 days of the work being carried out. I suggest you send him the picture and tell him tog et his finger our, the cobbles cost milions and millions of pounds and theya re being ruined every single day. I sent him soem pictures of similar botching, the tarmac was there for over six months so much for the new efficient council.....

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