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Thread: Liverpool Street Names - Groups - Russian Streets, Welsh Streets, Beatles etc.

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    Default Liverpool Street Name Connections

    Liverpool Street Name Connections...

    Groups of Liverpool street names sharing a common theme...

    London Names (City Centre and Kensington) - Cheapside, Cornhill, Covent Garden, Drury Lane, Fleet Street, Kensington, Newington, Paddington, Pall Mall, Wapping and Whitechapel.

    The Beatles (Off Coleridge Street, Kensington) - John Lennon Drive, Ringo Starr Drive, Paul McCartney Way...

    Zodiac Signs (Off East Prescot Road) - Gemini Drive, Capricorn Crescent, Libra Close, Taurus Road...

    Welsh Streets (Off High Park Street, Toxteth) - Kinmel Street, Madryn Street, Powis Street, Rhiwlas Street...

    Russian Streets (Off Green Lane, Stoneycroft) - Russian Drive, Kremlin Drive, Moscow Drive...

    River Streets (Near Melrose Road, Kirkdale) - Tees Street, Tyne Close, Humber Close, Avon Close...
    Also: (In Birkenhead's North End) - Ribble Street, Avon Street, Tees Street, Humber Street...
    Also: (In Toxteth) - Solway Street, Thames Street, Alt Street, River Avon Street, Danube Street...

    Scottish Streets (Near Marlborough Road, Tuebrook) - Montrose Road, Forfar Road, Glamis Road...

    Shakespeare Streets (Bootle) - Falstaff Street, Portia Street, Macbeth Street, Othello Close...

    American States (Near Maiden Lane, Clubmoor) - Missouri Road, California Road, Pennsylvania Road...

    Ladies' Names (Near Hawthorne Road, Orrell Park) - Elizabeth Road, Eleanor Road, Mary Road...

    Wirral Names (Off Warbreck Moor) - Barnston Road, Heswall Road, Caldy Road, Leasowe Road...

    Flower Streets (Off Stanley Road) - Pansy Street, Crocus Street, Daisy Street, Snowdrop Street...
    Also: (In Claughton, Birkenhead) - Shamrock Road, Primrose Road, Tulip Avenue...

    Religious Names (Off Park Road, Dingle) - Moses Street, Isaac Street, Jacob Street, David Street...
    Also: (Off Townsend Lane) - Abbey Road, Cathedral Road, Monastery Road, Bishop Road, Canon Road...

    Trees (Bebington, Wirral) - Lime Avenue, Cedar Avenue, Yew Tree Road...

    Lake Streets (Off Breck Road, Anfield) - Grasmere Street, Windermere Street, Coniston Street...

    Racecourses (Moreton, Wirral) - Epsom Road, Newbury Way, Cheltenham Crescent, Goodwood Drive...

    Ship Names (Near Walton Hall Avenue) - Saxonia Road, Lusitania Road, Mauretania Road...

    Months Of The Year (Off Lower Breck Road) - June Road, July Road, August Road, September Road...

    Royal Names (Tuebrook) - Buckingham Road, Sandringham Road, Victoria Road, Windsor Road...
    Also: (Kensington) - Jubilee Drive, Empress Road, Battenberg Street...

    Cricket Names (Noctorum, Wirral) - Ikin Close, Cowdrey Avenue, Statham Road...

    Irish Names (Old Swan) - Ulster Road, Belfast Road, Killarney Road, Donegal Road...

    Army Ranks (On the site of the Army barracks off Deysbrook Lane, West Derby) - Corporal Way, Cadet Way, Colonel Drive, Brigadier Drive...

    Greek Names (Kirkdale) - Medea Street, Mitylene Street, Patmos Close, Zante Close...

    Numerical Streets (Fazakerley) - First Avenue, Second Avenue through to Sixth Avenue.
    The theme is also applied on the Ford estate near Birkenhead; with the streets running off First Avenue all beginning with 'A', the streets running off Second Avenue all beginning with 'B' and so on.

    Explorers (Leasowe, Wirral) - Raleigh Road, Drake Road, Frobisher Road, Cook Road, Franklin Road, Hudson Road, Livingstone Road, Mackenzie Road, Scoresby Road etc...

    Advertisements -------

    Switzerland in Wallasey - Geneva Road and Lucerne Road.

    Wallasey's 'Crofts' - Hillcroft Road, Eastcroft Road, Greencroft Road, Willowcroft Road, Rycroft Road, Lyncroft Road, Beechcroft Road, Merecroft Avenue,

    Other Unusual / Notable Street Names -
    Danger Lane (Moreton, Wirral)... Christmas Street (Off Stanley Road, Bootle)... Dragon Lane (Whiston)...

    Please expand this thread and I will add to the list...
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    Months of the year (off Lower Breck Road) September Road, August Road July Road, June Road, April Grove, March Road.

    Numerical (off Longmoor Lane) First, Second, Third, Fourth, Fifth, Sixth and Seventh Avenue.
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    WOW! That was a quick reply. Thanks; I think it could be an interesting thread this one. I'll keep udating the first post, so that we have all the names together...
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    Default The Irish Streets

    If they haven't already been mentioned
    The Irish street names in Old Swan are grouped together ( not sure on Baden, Enfield and Cowper ! )

    Baden Road
    Leinster Road
    Munster Road
    Ulster Road
    Belfast Road
    Fernleigh Road
    Aylesford Road
    Killarney Road
    Cowper Road
    Durban Road
    Enfield Road
    Donegal Road
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