just been on the phone to my dear old mum and found out more about the familly whilst she was in the mood for talking. so here we go again.
my nans sister maggie (bacon) married and became mcdonald later became lyons or the other way around ?. she had 6 kids from what i can gather. they were francis mcdonald,tommy mcdonald,harry mcdonald, threasa mcdonald,
(who became threasa furns or burns) who went on to become the landlady of the railway pub in edge hill. mary mcdonald who then became macanearny ( i think the spelling is right ?) and moved to cantral farm hyton. maggies brother harry bacon married a girl called marry, they had two children called harry and marry. for some reason oswald st and old swan ring a bell with harry and mary. mary worked at the crawford biscuit factory.
maggie sold flowers outside whats now t.j.hughes on london rd, and when not there she was selling flowers and rock on pier head and i think flowers outside a nearby cemetary. her best mate was bessie braddock.
also my mum tells me that maggie used to lay the bodys out in the springfield gardens tennaments off st annes st. my grand mother was 1 of about 13 kids who were brought up in the gerard st comus st area but when she was verry young her mum was killed in a factory fire in liverpool or birken head, it was some sort of fabric factory. so the younger kids were put in to care and the elder ones must have been old enough to work, what happend to her dad henry bacon is a mystery to my mum.
hopefully some one out there might kno of these people and might be able to shed some light for me. keeping my fingers crossed.....frank
p.s. they were brought up in the scottie rd area