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    Brian Labone
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    Brian Leslie Labone (23 January 1940 – 24 April 2006) played football for Everton between 1958 and 1971.

    Liverpool-born Labone chose to join Everton at 17 in July 1957 instead of going to university. His debut for the first team was in 1958. He was widely regarded as one of the best central defenders of his era. He was a strong tackler, good in the air, adequately fast but he rarely used his left foot.

    Labone made 451 League appearances for Everton and a total of 534 in all competitions. He scored two league goals and was booked only twice throughout his career. Labone played in the championship teams of 1962-63 and 1969-70, in the FA Cup winning team of 1966, and in the FA Cup final of 1968.

    Labone played 26 times for England between 1962 and 1970. He withdrew from England's 1966 World Cup squad because of his imminent marriage but played in three of the four games in the World Cup in 1970 in Mexico.

    In 1970-71 Labone sustained a serious injury to his Achilles tendon and retired from playing. He maintained his links with Everton where he worked as a guide for guests & visitors and a website columnist.

    Whilst returning home from an Everton fans awards evening Labone died suddenly after collapsing in the street close to his Lydiate home at the age of 66.

    Everton captain Kevin Ratcliffe paid the following tribute - "Brian was Everton. If you could put together a team of every player that has ever captained Everton, every one of us would turn to Brian to lead us out. He will always be known as the captain of Everton".

    Brian Labone was a credit to Everton and will always be remembered as the true 'Mr Everton'.

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    Former Everton and England defender Brian Labone has died, aged 66.

    Brian Labone celebrates winning the FA Cup
    Labone, who won 26 England caps, was found in the street near his home on Merseyside, at 11.25pm yesterday.

    He was understood to have been walking home after a night out.

    A passer-by called for an ambulance and paramedics tried to revive the former Everton captain but he was declared dead on arrival at hospital.

    Labone made 534 league appearances for Everton in a 13-year career.

    Everton director of communications Ian Ross said: "Everyone at the club is devastated.

    "In the pantheon of Everton greats, Brian Labone is right up there with the very best. He was one of the club's favourite sons and a hugely respected figure.

    "He was regarded as a 'professional's professional' before that term was ever used.

    "But not only was he a great footballer, he was also a lovely bloke. I've never met anyone who met Brian who didn't like him.

    "He was passionate about the football club and a great Merseysider."

    Labone was due to appear in England's 1966 World Club squad but pulled out because he was getting married.

    He later played a key role in the England World Cup squad of 1970.

    Labone, who was booked only twice and scored two goals in his career, retired at the end of the 1970-71 season due to an Achilles injury.

    He won two league championships and an FA Cup winner's medal.

    Former Everton player and manager Howard Kendall, who was Labone's team-mate for seven years at Goodison Park, said: "He was a great player and a great leader.

    "He didn't shout his way through the team, he led by example and his performances on the pitch were tremendous."

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    Goodnight Labby. R.I P

    It's enough to make your heart go

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    Thanks Gnomie, I shall move this the the scouser hall of fame, ok with u?
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    Fine mate

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    It's sad when someone who's clearly a lovely man dies because they don't seem to make them like him anymore,he will be missed by all at Goodison that's for sure.

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    He died right outside his home at the top of my mums street. He'd lived there for years, in fact, his house has just been sold. He drank in our local along with Cally and there would always be the friendly rivalry between the two. There is a great tribute to him on the wall behind the bar. A really good bloke who had time for anyone.

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    A smashing bloke. We shared the same barbers, David's on Prescot St.

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    Just read this old thread but had to reply. Brian was our neighbour in boring Lydiate (we shared a back fence) What a lovely, lovely, man. He lived as he wanted to and was always a decent and kind neighbour. He nearly killed himself climbing up a tree for my Sons cat on numerous occasions. I am watching the workmen renovating his house every day and I am so sad we wont see him again. Sleep Well, the last Corinthian. You are missed nationally and locally.

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    He used to come into the wife's shop to pick up his dry cleaning. He was always the Gentleman. still sadly missed

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    I had a drink with him in the Scotch Piper Lydiate just the 3 of us (my girlfriend) we just happend to be in the place when he came in it was empty only for us, he was a great bloke he never said who he was i told my girlfriend that he was an Everton and England player she was surprised cos he was so sociable.

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    as a red, i have to say i saw him play many times, he was an outstanding player

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    Quote Originally Posted by alan View Post
    I had a drink with him in the Scotch Piper Lydiate just the 3 of us (my girlfriend) we just happend to be in the place when he came in it was empty only for us, he was a great bloke he never said who he was i told my girlfriend that he was an Everton and England player she was surprised cos he was so sociable.
    A lovely remembrance of a fine player. Thanks, alan.

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    I'm sure I met him when I was a plumber. Didn't he have a plumbing supplies place.

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