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Thread: Chris Hulme's 2007 Calendar

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    Default Chris Hulme's 2007 Calendar

    For those that get the South Liverpool Merseymart, Chris Hulme has done a 'Memory Lane' item each week from days gone by.

    I'm currently doing a website for him at the moment as he is writing a book on South Liverpool, but he has asked me to see if I can sell a rare item for him.

    He produced a calendar in 2007 to celebrate the birthday of Liverpool, these calendars sold very well and were very well received with ex-pats. Upon clearing out his loft, he has come across a large box with about 500 of them still unsold!

    Now, selling a calendar out of date wouldn't be worth a jot, but these contain some very rare postcard views of South Liverpool (A4 size!) and some of these are from his personal collection.

    He is chucking em out at ?3 each (including pnp) which is very reasonable seeing as this was a bit of a historic item and contains some lovely views alone.

    If anyone wants to buy one, naturally for the A4 sized postcards, then go to his calendar website -

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    Any update on Chris's website ?

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