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Thread: Help Required - Dingle Survey

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    Default Help Required - Dingle Survey

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    I am currently an Robert Gordon Student, Aberdeen studying Architectural Technology. This Semester we was given a project to regenerate the area of Dingle by the use of design and affordable housing.

    So basically i am requesting help from the people of dingle if thats ok ?

    I am wondering what facilities would you like to see being introduced within the area and why ?

    Would you like houses to have there own driveway/garage etc ?

    Your Prompt Response and Honesty would be great fully appreciated

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    Which areas in particular have you been set. Dingle isn't small. Will these houses be on reclaimed land (i.e knock down houses and buildings in order to regenerate) Or will your development be sited on land which is already free from previous building projects (i.e parkland).

    I helped my gf at the time on a project like this for her architecture degree.

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    Hi Broliv

    Its the undeveloped areas surrounding Grafton Street

    Any Help/Advice would be grateful

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    Grafton street, ok well one side of grafton street is terraced houses, the other side is a cliff face which leads down to the former Herculaneum dock.

    At one end of the road is the dockers steps (Herculaneum steps) at the other is a park

    The area in black is the cliff face which is supported below by grade II listed buildings (casemates which you can see by searching the rest of the site). This area is privately owned by the housing development which is below (the one with the big lake).

    The area in red is a public park i mentionedwhich has an all weather football pitch

    Or do you mean the other half of grafton street over by the gas towers?
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    Its the End of Grafton Street beside Park Street ?

    do you know of any community facilities etc that would be wanted by the people of that area

    and any other information you feel would be useful ?

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