When I visit Lime Street Station I always have a look at the clock, my father worked for British rail as a bill poster/fixer and part of his job was to clean this clock. He was based at Lime Street station and when we sometimes went to visit him at work, we went alongside the last platform (Empire Theatre side) and then had to go down some steps to his underground depot, his depot was then moved to Central Station a small square building by the car park where the vans parked, his final depot was at Exchange station, the window of his depot looked out on to Bixteth Street.

Also my aunty has told me that my granddad helped to install this clock, he worked for British rail as an electrician. (I think)

Has anyone got any photos of a bill poster at work? For my family tree records I also like to include photos, this started when my grandson asked me what the round metal grid outside a house was for. I realised that he had never seen a coal man delivering coal.

This reminded me of a story my dad told me that even though he was in his 20?s granddad was very strict and the front door was locked at a certain time every night, whether they were in or not, and granddad never figured out how my dad got in after being locked out. My grandmother would unscrew the coal hole cover and dad would climb down and then he would fasten it again.

Thank you for all your welcome messages.