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Thread: Wirrals cultural terrorism

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    Default Wirrals cultural terrorism

    MOVES to set up a new party to fight alleged ?cultural terrorism? by Wirral Council have moved a step closer.

    Numerous separate groups have come together as part of the campaign to reverse the closures pushed through by Wirral Council last Monday.

    A meeting of Wirral?s full council approved the cabinet decision to push ahead with the Strategic Asset Review (SAR) which will see 11 libraries close and numerous other facilities transferred into community ownership, out of council hands.

    The rowdy meeting of the council saw leader of the authority Steve Foulkes repeatedly heckled and shouts of ?cultural terrorism? echoed from the packed public gallery.

    Despite a rebellion within the Liberal Democrat ranks the measures were voted through ? but campaigners say they will continue to fight the plans.

    A total of 35 separate groups joined a meeting in Birkenhead, days after the council?s decision, to agree the way forward.

    They are preparing a constitution and have agreed plans to attempt non-violent resistance to any closures related to the SAR.

    Wirral Against The Cuts campaigner Dave Lunn said: ?The people of Wirral are not prepared to accept the decision of Wirral Council to go ahead with the wholesale butchery of our leisure and cultural services.

    ?We will challenge the council on all fronts including peaceful direct action and pursuing a judicial revue.

    ?Perhaps most importantly we will challenge those who voted in favour of the cuts at the ballot box by standing anti cuts candidates at the May 2010 elections (or sooner should a seat become vacant).

    ?The communities of Wirral should not suffer as a result of years of Council mismanagement and a lack of Government funding. more
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    I hope they can reverse,at least some of the closures! It's unbelievable the way this has been pushed through,but I hope everyone remembers who not to vote for,come next elections!

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