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Thread: Tuebrook Murder

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    Default Tuebrook Murder

    Teen fatally stabbed in Tuebrook.

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    Source: Sky News
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    Default Another teen murder. It could be so easy to let your kids be drawn into that world..

    How awful. My own lad is that age and at the moment is in Snowdonia with the scouts. We have been having an ongoing row about him wanting a knife, to take to scouts. Obviously, we have said "no". Its very sad. Our Son is very tall for his age (13 and 6ft 3) and has been hassled if he goes to scouts in his uniform by gangs. I have tried to say to him that its the easiest thing in the world when surrounded and afraid to go for whatever comes to hand (ie a knife) to protect himself and we all know the consequences of that. Our son is not in a gang. He is well protected an in some ways naive. Because of this, and some special needs, he is often teased. Its hard to keep decent kids on the straight and narrow when idiot parents around here drop their similar aged kids off at the local park to meet gangs of sometimes 50 kids who get legless in the park. When I was a kid lots of lads had knives but am I being naive in saying I dont remember this level of knife crime?

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    Hi Kev and Partsky

    I had a knife pulled on me in Canning Place when I was a teenager after a pub crawl in the Sixties but managed to walk away unscathed. Another schoolmate though in a separate incident, I heard, had his face cut by a jealous lover. So knife crime in the city goes way back. I am sorry to read about the present apparent epidemic of knife and gun crime in Liverpool and hope that things can be done to bring the level of crime down.

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    I thought Sprucewood Close would be classed as Anfield, not Tuebrook.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JMLE View Post
    I thought Sprucewood Close would be classed as Anfield, not Tuebrook.

    Yes, it's not in Tuebrook it's off Apollo Way which runs parallel with Breck rd.
    The 'wood closes ' run towards the back of Breck rd and you can see the backs of them from the main road. Sprucewood and Thornwood are the first closes from Belmont rd end. Sprucewood is behind Breck rd Barclays bank and the Hailfax.
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