HI'a everybody !
Im brand new to the site and made up i came across it even though it was accidently whilst doin a bit of research about some really strange lights shooting across the sky earlier 2nite 10/2/09 . Someone from Yo Liverpool had previously posted something similar which is how i came across this great site !
Did anyone else see some really strange orange lights darting all over the sky by Netherley and Halewood ? Loads of people watched the weird display in Netherley for 10-15mins
There were 4 orange lights in a row which disappeared behind cloud for a moment and then 2 of the orange lights re-appeared and one shot off in one direction moving all over the place changing direction every few seconds with the other and several smaller lights in another direction for a few minutes and then the second fell back in line behind the other surrounded by the little lights !
It was mad !
If anyone else saw it or can explain what it was please let us know as its got us all baffled ?
Thanx Jan