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Thread: Knotty Ash Horticultural School

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    Question Knotty Ash Horticultural School

    Hi all, this is my first post and it concerns a school in Knotty Ash. I was asked a question by a friend who is re-searching her deceased mother's time as an evacuee in Liverpool during the second world war. Apparently she attended a school in Knotty Ash/Dovecot called something along the lines of "Horticultural School for Girls". I have done some searching, but cannot find anything about it. Do any members know anyone who lived in the area at that time, who might shed some light on it.

    Thank You.


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    I suppose this is really Broadgreen but it may have come under Knotty Ash years ago.

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    Thanks for that link, JMLE, but unfortunately not the one. The link shows Highfield school Queens Drive, opposite Broadgreen Hospital. The one I am looking for was either in Thomas Lane, or Pilch Lane.
    Thanks again.

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