A WILDLIFE and nature haven is being created on a city allotment site.

Birds, wildflowers and spring bulbs are thriving in a corner of Harthill Allotments in Calderstones Park.

The tiny reserve, called Harthill Copse, has been created on two plots after Liverpool City Council decided to preserve the area for nature.

The reserve is home to mature trees, some more than 60ft high, and thousands of native British bluebells, wild narcissus and snowdrops have been planted.

Gardeners have also introduced red campion, nettle-leafed bellflowers, greater stitchwort, foxglove and agrimony to the copse.

A variety of nest boxes, bat boxes and a bird-feeding station are dotted around the woodland.

More than 30 bird species, including goldcrest, nuthatch, lesser spotted woodpecker and a family of blue ****, have been recorded along with foxes, stoats, woodmice, short tailed voles and hedgehogs.

Catherine McMahon, who helps looks after the copse with fellow allotment holders, said: ?It is a fabulous place. There are about six volunteers who look after it. It is all about improving the biodiversity of the site.