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Thread: Robbing Archer-Can we have our money back please

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    Default Robbing Archer-Can we have our money back please

    Can we have our money back please!

    Without putting words in Warren Bradley's mouth. but if I were he this is what I'd be saying to Robbing Archer the ex director fo the Capital of Culture.

    It now sems even she admits she wasnt really in charge, and if she wasnt she shoudlnt have got paid or got the compo for knocking off early.

    I'm not a mathematician, and the amount of money wasted on her salary and eventual pay off is still veiled in secrecy, but on her fantastically comprehensive web****e sorry website, it's very hard to find any reference to a job she held for two years, with the longest commute to work in the world (14,000 miles). There's a minute mention of it here

    On the CV section of her site she finds great pleasure at going to great lengths to "Big Herself UP" (as young people say) about absolutely everything except of course the CofC.

    Whatever she got in wages she claims she was only ever "a consultant", and if that is the case she should have only got a consultancy fee (about a tenner by my calculations) and not paid for mis directing eveything. I think she was disdancing herself form the impending disaster which looked like a each way nap until Phil "the retriever" Redmond grasped the nettle. It might be interesting to see whether she changes her stance and her CV (it was all her idea afterall) now the whole thing has been pronounced a HUGE success.

    One last point, does anyone know who was on her interview panel, as they are the real culprits in this affair!

    Phil Redmond for Mayor!
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