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    Default Facts and figures....

    I've just caught the end of the Sky News coverage of the Capital of Culture 'Transition' event and was desperately trying to remember these figures as accurately as poss. [I've had a few beers, my apologies]

    *The Culture Company were given just over ?1 million pound to spend.
    *The economy has benefited to over ?800 million.
    *Investment has been well-over the billion mark.
    *Every school kid in Liverpool has been involved.
    *Over 75% of residents have visited an event, galley or museum in the last 12 months....

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    So where is the money that went into the economy????

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    I personally think that without CoC we would have been screwed on account of the economic slowdown. If you look how badly business' have been affected around the country and how we have managed to buck the trend in Merseyside.
    I don't think it is a coincidence.
    I am not saying that the next couple of years are going to be easy but we seem to be doing a lot better than everyone else.

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