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Thread: North Huyton Street of Fear Gangs

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    Default North Huyton Street of Fear Gangs

    Nov 14 2008 by Claire Ellicott, Liverpool Echo

    Street of fear

    A GANG kicked a pensioner?s door down in the latest in a series of attacks on residents of a Merseyside community.

    The masked intruders forced their way into the home of the 80-year-old woman and made off with money and documents, leaving her fearing for her life.

    Neighbours said the burglary is just the latest in a string of violent and anti-social crimes in the Wimborne Road area of Huyton that they blame on 12-16 year-old yobs called ?The Wimborne Gang?.

    Police and housing chiefs admitted today there was a problem in the area and they were taking steps to tackle it.

    The elderly woman, who has lived in the same house in Wimborne Road for 73 years, was at home when her home was attacked.

    The masked men pretended that they were from the fire service and had come to put out a blaze, shouting at her to let them into the house.

    When she refused, they broke down her door and ordered their terrified victim to ?stay? while they tore through her house. They stole ?200 cash, money the pensioner kept to pay her electricity and water bills, and insurance policy documents worthless to anyone but her.

    A neighbour, who was too scared to be named, said: ?She has nothing worth stealing, she doesn?t even own a TV.

    ?I think they knew she was the only person living on that row of houses and targeted her.

    ?She?s such a proud and independent lady and she?s just frightened to leave the house now ? it?s really sad.?

    Neighbours, too terrified to be identified for fear of reprisals, said she had been mugged at least twice in recent months and, in one incident, a gang of girls had stolen her bag and keys.

    And they went on to describe other terrifying incidents including.

    An attack on an ice cream man.

    A window cleaner beaten with an iron bar.

    Damage to cars; homes vandalised while families are in.

    Empty houses set on fire up to four times a night.

    Another resident said: ?People are too scared to go out, it used to be a nice area and there was no trouble.

    ?I?ve already been called a grass for phoning the police and I?m scared of what they?ll do if they know it?s me.?

    Another added: ?They make our lives a misery and if anyone complains or confronts them they beat them up, slit their tyres and damage their cars.

    ?Neighbours of mine have had every window of their house put through.

    ?They strip empty houses of lead and copper and set them on fire, they throw eggs and stones and mud at homes.?

    Many of the houses are owned by Knowsley Housing Trust and are gradually being bought up to be demolished as part of the regeneration of the area.

    Police said that the youths are attracted to the empty houses, despite the fact that the council clears them and cuts off the electricity and gas as soon as someone moves out.

    Anyone with information about the burglary should call Kirkby CID on 0151-777 6582 or Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.

    Ringleaders named

    INSPECTOR Paul Sutcliffe, a neighbourhood inspector for North Huyton, said: ?We have had incidents with youths stealing from empty premises.

    ?A couple of names have been put forward to us and we think we know who the ringleaders are.

    ?Because most of the houses are empty, the few people that are left in the street can get a lot of trouble. We are increasing patrols and targeting parents so they know where their children go at night.?

    A ?priority area?

    A SPOKESWOMAN for Knowsley council said: ?North Huyton is one of our priority areas.

    ?Our focus is on reducing anti-social behaviour by placing emphasis on tough penalties, as well as tackling the root causes of criminality.

    ?We are not afraid to seek the toughest penalties for persistent offenders.?

    She added that although there had been a 29% decrease in anti-social behaviour in Knowsley over the last two years, North Huyton continued to have high levels of anti-social behaviour.
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    BE NICE......................OR ELSE

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    If this had happened twenty years ago, I think the local residents would have got together to try to tackle it, but it's so much more dangerous these days. There are far more weapons around and these yobs are more ruthless than ever and will stop at nothing. Where will it all end?
    There is more power in the open hand than the clenched fist

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    This has really upset me , that poor woman , i can't even begin to imagine the fear she felt .

    Utter scum .


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    Almost the same reason we left North Liverpool, systematic threats violence damage and intimidation from dummy-sucking thugs and scumbags who know that the law is defenceless against them (even though they can't actually read these laws, or anything but Giros and ASBO sheets).

    I know exactly how these residents feel and won't offer sympathy as it really doesn't help, but I really hope they do get the help and action they need straightaway.. I know what a nightmare it can be when Human rights are unafforded to you in order to retain them for the lawless and worthless, pitiful, scum that 'need' them...

    All this sympathy and promises from the Council and police were utterly empty to us. promise after promise went out of the window.

    Why can't we go back to pre-PC days and arm the police with wooden batons, and return that power to use them when needed?

    Staple a bell to their foreheads and have on walk in font of them shouting 'unclean' I say. They are just as vicious a disease as the last time we did such thing....

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    A thompson sub machine gun is the answer. The law will only slap them on the hand. Do you know if these remand centres still send them on holidays, go-karting or to do motorbike maintenance and the like?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ged View Post
    A thompson sub machine gun is the answer. The law will only slap them on the hand. Do you know if these remand centres still send them on holidays, go-karting or to do motorbike maintenance and the like?

    A tank like Batmobile firing rubberbullets would be cool too just like In one of my comics.
    Gididi Gididi Goo.

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    Awfull world we live in, what,s wrong with pepole

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    my parents who are pensioners were threatened so i fronted the gang they all denied it even though they were pointed out as the culprits.the next day i had a visit from the police and told if i went near the gang again i would be charged with threatening behavior even though all i said to them was go near my parents again and they will be the last people you ever scare,but the 17 to 23 year olds who scared my parents told the police that i had threatened to shoot them.

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    The rage that is generated within me when I read of such "atrocities" is so great that I would rip the scum apart if I were ever to find them. A good few years ago when the War Of the Roses was being celebrated (I think it was the 500th anniversary) ,a group of Marrcher Men, War of the Roses military activists, were camped in Tamworth .They were going re-enact scenes from the Battle of Bosworth and were billeted in the Castle grounds. It was a weekend and families came out to see the men, who were wearing their 15th century armour , practise their sword play and fighting skills in the camp. Some drunken yobs sought to attack the park keepers and what few policemen there were on duty that day. The Marchermen took up their arms and charged at the yobs ,the little s**ts ran screaming from the grounds ,pursued by sword wielding troops who were out for blood. We never saw the little swines for a long time afterwards. Community Policemen? , give me an armed Marcherman any day . It is an unfortunate truth that wayward youth only respect someone who is stronger than they are. Ask anyone who has been in the services,or the merchant navy, bullies were ruled by people who could out bully them. We learned to respect authority when we knew we could'nt beat it.Otherwise all would have been chaos.

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    I read and hear about this 'style' of crime more and more, and it really does bother me. Heard of a family recently having a gang of lads bounce in and beat up the husband and wife, tie the son up (aged 15) and turn the place upside down. There are some affluent areas close to me and seems they get targetted a lot. My parents were burgled last year and i thank god that they were not in at the time. Said before on here but, SCUM.

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    ?We are not afraid to seek the toughest penalties for persistent offenders.?
    This makes me laugh,here we have a council rep/worker spouting nothing but sh*te,the toughest penalty is not being imposed ie family eviction with no if's or buts...out on the street immediatly and no reprisals of getting let back into the area.

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