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Thread: Liverpool University,Victoria Hall

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    Default Liverpool University,Victoria Hall

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	P1050358.JPG 
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ID:	8461 cafeteria

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Name:	P1050359.JPG 
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ID:	8462 balcony

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Name:	P1050360.JPG 
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ID:	8463 view from the balcony

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Name:	P1050362.JPG 
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ID:	8464 fireplace in museum room

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Name:	P1050365.JPG 
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ID:	8465 tate museum

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Name:	P1050366.JPG 
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ID:	8466 ceiling in tate museum

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Name:	P1050368.JPG 
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ID:	8467 looking to the windows from the balcony

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Name:	P1050369.JPG 
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ID:	8468 passageway

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Name:	P1050370.JPG 
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ID:	8469 staircase
    Paid a visit to Victoria Hall today to see Mr Hardman`s photo exhibition.
    First time I`ve been in there was pleasantly surprised by the decor.

    My Flickr site:

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    Hi gregs dad

    Great photographs of Victoria Hall at the University of Liverpool, gregs dad. I have never been in there, only seen the building from the outside. When I saw your photographs though it reminded me of the Manchester Museum, not surprisingly because the same architect was responsible for both: Alfred Waterhouse. The dates for Victoria Hall by Waterhouse are 1889-1892 (same year my grandad was born, 1892 that is) while the Manchester museum building was opened to the public in 1890. Waterhouse also designed Manchester's Town Hall and the Natural History Museum in London.

    All the best

    Christopher T. George
    Editor, Ripperologist
    Editor, Loch Raven Review
    Chris on Flickr and on MySpace

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    Just to add, in Liverpool, he also did the Prudential Building in Dale Street and the North Western Hotel opposite St George's Hall. Due to his love of red bricks and tiles, he got the nickname, Waterhouse Slaughterhouse. I'm not sure if he didn't also do the Royal Infirmary - can't quite remember.

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    Yes he did.Also the George Holt building in Ashton St,next door but one to the Vic.Barclays Bank in Woolton Village is another one.There are a lot of the same details on the Holt and Barclays buildings.His daughter also worked here as a pain in the ar**,sorry I ment an architect.

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    Default Victoria Building

    Two notes of trivia:

    It is from this building that the term 'Red Brick University' was coined.


    The food in the cafe is bloody lovely.

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