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got me thinking about when we were kids,we used to play in the old railways tunnels....inside the first tunnel was a hole in the wall which led into a large cavern,at the end of the first tunnel is another hole in the wall with a cavern,and then at the end of the third tunnel at kirkdale is another large tunnel which just comes to a dead end.
A lot of railway sites say this was going to be another set of tunnels to run along side the ones that are already there joining the little cavrns together as one long one, but for some reason they were not completed.

I dont think this was the case,why half dig a tunnel at kirkdale but not start at walton in the same way,a lot of people think that these caverns that apear in the walton tunnel were eventualy going to join up,for anyone who knows these caverns they will see it would be very hard to start digging a tunnel in this way.......why start digging a tunnel from a cavern running alongside a tunnel ,all the rock would have to be brought out into the main tunnel and then transported down it to the end ,seems the long way to go around,why not just start at one end like they did at kirkdale.

Going back to the first tunnel,the first cavern you come to is all brick lined as you pass into it,from what I can Remember there low down on the wall oppisite is a small arch and another tunnel leading off it must be about three foot high,( i havent been down here for 30years I have never been down this small tunnel but aparantly it lead to a shaft which is brick lines about 3ft by 3ft which lead straight up with hand grips and comes out of a manhole cove in the road or on the island outside queens drive baths.This area has had the road widened twice and the flyover runs over the top,what was this passage for what was on the site before the road was widened and the flyover built.

Very simlar caverns where built in the ramsgate check the site:


Could these caverns at walton been used for the same reason.