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Thread: Art in Garston - Invisible Lives

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    Default Art in Garston - Invisible Lives

    As part of the Liverpool Biennial 2008, a unique tiny instillation of photographs will take to the streets of Garston.

    Starting today artist Joanna Biela Garrido will be planting her images around Garston as part of her artistic project. Having previously taken a series of paparazzi style photographs anonymously, Garrido will install her collection of unknown people.

    The images will be installed in streets and alleyways of the village and left to be discovered by the people of unsuspecting people of Garston.

    The photographs will deliberately be positioned low down to the ground in spaces such as on the sides of buildings, steps and walls - encouraging potential audiences to search for the art. The barley visible images represent the subjects included in the photographs, and encourage the audience to look for the people whom they would usually ignore on the street.

    Garrido will be taking her project a step further by adapting sets of dominoes in pubs to tie in with her project. Garston pubs which still have dominoes available will have their sets replaced with especially commissioned sets from Garrido. Where the numbers on the dominoes will be replaced by faces from the Invisible Lines project.

    Artist Garrido explains the relevance of her work and its impact on the community;

    ?By tampering with existing social systems that are supposed to bring together the community in order to question the very nature of such modes of unity, the Invisible Lives project will merge the serendipitous and the deliberate, forcing the audience to become players in a much bigger game?.
    Invisible Lives is the first in three distinctive projects taking place on the streets of Garston, during the Liverpool Biennial 2008. It is part of the For The Likes Of Us... which is an exchange project taking place between the Biennial Big Table partners and various organisations Europe.

    Invisible Lines, from 15th October. The New Slaughterhouse Gallery: 50 St Mary's Road, Garston.

    Liverpool Biennial - International Festival of Contemporary Art - Home
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