A New map; Exact Survey of the River Dee or Chester-Water - is most humbly dedicated and presented to his most sacred Majesty. William the III King of Great Britain France and Ireland by Capt. G. Collins, Hydroghe. to the King.

First published c.1693

Below: is a close-up extract of Liverpool and the Mersey. Interestingly enough, the Pool (pre-Old Dock) is illustrated with a 'Bowling greene' marked on the bank opposite Liverpool. It was possibly used as a navigational aid to mariners travelling up and down the Mersey. So where exactly was the green located?

On John Eyes 1765 Map of Liverpool (bottom of page) the bowling green can be seen to the right of Salthouse Dock, next to John Blackburne's Salt Works (est. 1696 - according to Mike Royden). It's possible that the salt workers obtained their ale from the adjoining inn and perhaps used its green too.

Today, the Baltic Fleet pub occupies the top right-hand corner of the bowing green's site. Food for thought on your next visit there.