I’ve passed this gate many times of the last 10 years and wondered at the significance of the golden date.

Back in 2007, I received this.
Hi, I’m a newbie and would like to let interested people know about about King John’s higher hunting lodge which is currently my home. It is an honour which has fallen to ourselves (no idea why us) to restore this interesting building, the very core of which is the original lodge. Our solicitor remarked that the previous owners had replied to the question of it being extended three times in 800 years. I find it amazing that its presence is such a locally well known secret and yet the city council had no idea of its existence. We had no inkling of its provenance until we had practically purchased it. It is a magical place which has gems in abundance, even the garden was designed by Herbert Rouse! It is essentially the very first Scouse House and we are indeed fortunate to be part of its rich tapestry.
After a few messages here and there, the owners of this wonderful building allowed me to visit. I received such warm hospitality and I was escorted around the home and they told me about its links to King John who, 800 years previously had granted Liverpool its letters patent announcing the foundation of the borough.
Park Lodge, Sefton Park Rd (which used to be part of Lodge Lane) is believed to contain some of the original structure of King Johns hunting Lodge which gave its name to Lodge Lane. The fireplaces inside are the same in detail as some in Queen Elizabeths Keep at Kenworth Castle. The 1207 on the gates is the connection between King John and the higher lodge which was part of a wider hunting forest, and a Royal Park. A huge playground for the King.
The house itself has been extended 3 times in 800 years. There are differing periods within the house and the large fireplace has a fire back dated 1588. This is in the dining hall . It is relatively easy to become a house detective living here. There are so many clues and signs of times gone by. For example in four rooms the ceilings are our floors in the rooms above, there are no voids. All our wiring is surface mounted.
Enjoy the pics!
Lets start outside:

On the next photograph if you look closely, between the roof and the wall is a feature that dates back to the Norman period, when the roof would have been flat.

Lets go inside:

Here’s that fireplace:

Inscription reads – 1588 ‘EFC’. There’s an anchor on it too.

The thickness of this archway is a clue to the age of this part of the house and was where the original door was all those years ago:

Bathroom and toilet:

The bath below can also be found in Speke Hall, obviously not the same one.

Going upstairs – this stair way takes us into the space that can be seen clearly from the outside here:

Look what I found in the corner, an old map of Liverpool, probably original.

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