A guest post from blog reader John Viggars today.

A couple of weeks ago when photographer Tricia Porter graciously let me publish her 1970s ‘South Docks’ collection on here, one of the first comments on Twitter came from regular blog reader John Viggars who immediately said that most magical of all history story phrases ‘I was there.’ He went on to mention he had some photos of his own from his days sailing in and out of our dying South Docks.

Naturally I asked him if he’d like to do a guest post on here. And here it is. Or rather here’s the first of two. This one mainly about the South Docks, Part 2, about the North, to come soon. With minimal interventions and editing from me. This is the real thing, unadulterated Liverpool history. A long read but a great one. Over to you John.Click image for larger version. 

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“Like Ronnie I have always been interested in the Liverpool docklands & therefore his invitation to write on the subject gives me a chance to walk around my memories, get out some old photographs and tell some stories from first 30 years of my life. I have few images from that time as film was expensive and my medium was transparency. I retrieved most of these here from the loft and notice they are losing their colour. Still, they help to paint the pictures of what I’m about to tell you."

See original post at: https://asenseofplaceblog.wordpress....-docks-part-1/