I came across the thread "Edwards Grocery in Granby Street" and noticed posts about Bramwell's butchers.
Although I wasn't from L'pool 8 myself, I knew the Bramwells quie well.
Rita, daughter of Ted Bramwell was the cousin of a lass from Madelaine St. Whom I was a-courting and was around the Bramwells flat above the shop quite often. We were all early members of The Cavern club, and Rita was secretary of Billy J. Kramer's fan club. She threw a party at the Bramwell abode for Billy J.'s 19th (?) birthday. The Beatles were all supposed to be there, but only George turned up, and he was sporting a big shiner of a black eye. The "word on the street" was that there had been a bit of a disagreement in the band...this being the week that Pete Best got the boot, and replaced by Ringo. This would have been August 1962 ?
Many great memories of those times. I also remember Charlie Scott, the "butchers boy". Very charismatic chap who seemed to know everyone!

Be nice to see comments from anyone else who was around that scene at the time!
Tony Barwood.