Liverpool once had a thriving ship building business, first within the Pool itself, prior to building the Old Dock, and also along the Mersey shoreline from the Pool to St Nicholas's Church. Following the rapid expansion of Liverpool's growing dock system, yards were created between the dock and the river wall, as a happy compromise. This didn't succeed and eventually the Liverpool shipbuilding industry died off.

Here's an illustration of one of those earlier yards, Mr Edward Grayson, an eminent shipbuilder. He later died in a duel with Mr Sparling of St Domingo House. The subject of a future thread.

1. Liverpool on the Mersey - No IV, dated 1828/29, showing ship building yards & slips, including Mr Edward Grayson's yard, featured in images 2 & 3 below.

2. Grayson's yard is identified on George Perry's 1769 map of Liverpool.

3. And the site of Mr Grayson's yard today.