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    My nan was born and brought up in York Street Garston, when her mum died she went to live with a family in Stamforham Drive.
    We think the name of the family was Beveridge or Betteridge.
    The lady still lived there in the 1980's as we visited the area with my nan and went for a walk round her old haunts. She had lost touch with the B family a few years before, we walked down Stamfordham Drive and she was trying to remember the house, there was a little old lady leaning over her gate watching the world go by and my mum said 'why don't you ask her if she knows where they lived?'. To which my nan replied 'theres no need thats her'.
    My nan sadly died a few years later after which we heard no more of the family.
    A few weeks ago mum and I visited the area and knocked on the door just to ask if they knew what had happedned to the lady, but there was no answer.
    Does the family name ring any bells with anyone? The lady had a family of 2 sons and 1 daughter as far as we know, the daughter married a butcher and they had a shop in Allerton. One of the sons went to america.
    Thanks for reading this its a bit long!

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    Just read your post and I think the lady you talked about was my Nan, although thereis some confusion with some family members, the daughter was my Auntie, it would be nice to chat and find out the connection, many thanks Irene

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