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    Default Stories worth telling

    I would love to hear any stories about local people.

    I will start with Jim Clarke Terry Cooke - Local History Sourcs-Scottie Press, Terry Cooke.

    A really great guy.

    I once heard a story of a poor boy who hung around the steble fountain ( i think Jim Clarke is in a photo of the steble fountain? ) this lad would tell great stories, thrilling all the other kids as well as adults. He died in a doorway during a freezing cold winter. he was found by a policeman who knew him and cried at what he saw.

    Im sure i read this somewhere? anyone know about it?

    I would love to hear any stories you would like to add.
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    Great thread - especially starting with Jim Clarke

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    I meant to add, scrool down for Jim Clarke when you go onto the above link.
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