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Thread: staff, mr pickwicks 70s early 80s

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    Default staff, mr pickwicks 70s early 80s

    i worked in pickys the wookey an afew more other clubs of that time an
    met some smashin people had some great times seen some crazy sites too!
    it wasent like work i was on one long bender!i remember a couple of managers
    brian holland,an paddy chambers theyd be knockin on now, great people to work for,an knew how to treat people.anyway,do you know anyone from the clubs of that time, av you got a story to tell? drop us a line.

    see yeh!
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    Default Mr Pickwicks staff

    I worked at Pickies in the 70's as singer with the resident band - Spenser Williams Sound. There was me (Tina) Val, the other girl singer, Charlie Williams who was bass player/band leader, Bobby on keys and Billy Wookey on guitar. The drummer was also called Billy. He was Val's ex - husband and when he left Stu joined the band on drums. I remember Brian Holland who became a good friend of my ex- husband's and mine. We had some great times with him when we would go into town after Pickies shut at two a.m, he was SO funny! Wonder what he's doing now? I remember Paddy Chambers too - another nice guy. I met Stu again a couple of years ago when we were both teaching at our local college!

    I'd love to know what any of them are up to now - sadly we lost touch but I remember those times and smile - they were such good times.

    Luna girl

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