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    Hi All

    My dad was a shop steward for the Liverpool Cleansing Department. He took part in the Dockers and Miners strikes. During the miners strike he organised collections from the Liverpool depots. He was very proud of his part in the fight.

    Sadly he passed away two years ago. I have the things he collected during the miners strike, they sit in a cupboard. I was wondering if anyone knows if there is anywhere that would be interested in them? There are all the recipts from the collections, reciepts and thank you letters from collieries around the country. letters from sacked miners thanking my dad for his help, also letters from jailed miners to him. plus his badges from various strikes. other items are there as well.

    I would love to learn more about what he did, but i just dont have the time to get into it all right now. Is there any place that would be interested in what i have? Im not after any money, its just a shame that it all sits in a cupboard thats all.

    can anyone remember ( in the 1980's i think ) when the Town hall was taken over? any kind of date? my dad said a photo of him was in the Liverpool Echo, he was one of the guys who locked the door. I think, I may be wrong that it was during the banned councilors time.



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    You'd better hold on to this stuff:

    a) because of its personal value to you
    b) because of its historic(al) value.

    Don't part with it too easily, just my humble opinion... You might regret it some day.

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    I am not putting myself across correct here.

    I would like someone to look at it all, if it is of interest then i would allow it to be photographed and kept for future interested parties.

    There are things there that i would never part with as i know what they meant to my dad, the letters thanking him etc, his badges.

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    What about Liverpool Record Office?
    They have a lot of collections of private papers don't they?. In their catalogue they have this one

    RefNo M329 COM/10/7
    Title Miners Strike
    Date 1984-1985
    Description Much material from the Deeside Miners' Support Group (minutes and information); leaflets, general information, The Miner etc.

    Extent c100 items

    and more hits come up in the catalogue search..

    .................................................. ................................................

    Your dads papers sounds very interesting plus he was a local man.
    I know you want to keep hold of the collection because it's very important to you - I would to, but wonder if they could borrow it, put it on microfiche, then it's there for posterity, then give it back and you still have the actual paper copies

    Just a thought

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    Paul Charfe
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    Hello Tony.

    I know you wrote this thread a good while back and I am not sure you will get this response but I would love to be able to look through the stuff you dad left behind.
    I am currently on my second year of a history PhD on the 'miners strike at community level within the North West' As part of this I am doing a chapter on support of the strike, including the assistance given by councils, trade councils, unions and of course local support groups- which were exceptional in Merseyside.
    If you could help please ring me any time on 01706 839044 or 07940099509 or email me on

    Thanks. Paul Charfe (University of Central Lancashire)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Paul Charfe View Post
    Hello Tony.

    I know you wrote this thread a good while back and I am not sure you will get this response but I would love to be able to look through the stuff you dad left behind.
    Well let's hope he pops in and sees your post.

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    Paul Charfe
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    I know its not likely. Just spotted that he was a guest but somebody may pass the message on to him? Fingers crossed.

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    "a shop steward for the Liverpool Cleansing Department" Died in 2006, active supporter of 'the cause' during the miners and the dockers strikes...

    As you are researching the miners strike would you not have a way of discovering who, matching his description, the striking miners had due cause to thank and work back from this?

    It's not exactly a wild stab in the dark that this man's first name was Anthony.

    A short note to the actor Ricky Tomlinson or a phone call here...

    ---------- Post added at 11:05 AM ---------- Previous post was at 10:36 AM ----------

    I have tried another, more direct, route Paul to help you with your search. All we can do now is wait.

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    Paul Charfe
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    Hello Oudeis
    You have me intrigued. I have actually asked around as I know a number of NW miners and a few ex-officals but many of the Liverpool groups dealt with collieries outside the area. I have got stuff from Deeside, Liverpool 8, Dingle, Liverpool Polytechnic, Ellesmere Port and a few other groups but will keep looking.
    Let me know if the more 'direct route' is successful.
    Much appreciation. Paul

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