Hi everyone

On most of my visits to Liverpool, I stayed at the Belvedere Hotel on Mount Pleasant. It probably was the cheapest B&B close to the city centre and it was a GREAT place! I always loved staying there and actually used to look forward to my stay there after booking. It was run by a very friendly couple, Mr and Mrs Finn, who welcomed you with open arms and made you feel at home. Actually, with them you always felt as if they were family! They always had an open ear for you, whatever you felt like telling them, and genuinely cared about you and your family as well. My parents went over to England with me twice and we stayed at the Belvedere together, so Mr and Mrs Finn also met them and on all my other stays with them, they used to ask me about my parents and the rest of my family, my sister, brother and later on my nephew as well although they had never met any of them. They were also a fountain of knowledge with regard to Liverpool and could provide you with lots of facts, news and advice on where to go, what to see and do etc.

On my last visit to Liverpool, in 2004, they told me that they were going to retire and I sent them a letter from a Germany after my return. However, I've never heard from them again. I still think of them quite often and miss them, as they really felt like good friends to me. If anybody on here knows them, I'd be very grateful to you if you could give them my love. Just mention that I'm the woman from Germany who used to stay with them so many times and they'll probably know who I am. Otherwise please send me a PM and I'll tell you my name. I'd really love to get in touch with them or at least know where they are nowadays and whether they are well.

Thank you so much for your kind attention!