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Thread: Merseyside Annual Transport Conference

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    Default Merseyside Annual Transport Conference

    Hello all,

    It's been a while since I've been on here but I have received an invite from a colleague at Sefton Council to attend the Merseyside Annual Transport Conference in October. Details below:

    Thursday 23rd October 2008, 9am-1pm

    Liverpool Town Hall, Dale Street, L2 3SW

    Keynote speakers confirmed include:-
    ? Phil Redmond ? Deputy Chair of the Liverpool
    Culture Company
    ? Joanne Jennings ? Chief Executive of Liverpool One
    ? John Whitelegg (legend) ? Professor of Sustainable Transport at
    Liverpool John Moores University.
    ? Neil Scales ? Chair of the Local Transport Plan Partnership

    The event will feature the launch of the Transport Review,
    new research revealing the wider costs and benefits of
    transport to Merseyside and the Transport Awards, closing
    with lunch. To book your free place please email or call 0151 330 1294. The
    venue is fully accessible.

    I think it is important for all those concerned about the issues we have discussed over the past 12 months to attend this event, and hopefully raise some of these issues with those who matter, such as Scales and Redmond.


    Jonathan Collins
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    Default Trams

    First thread I've seen that mentions trams - either in the past or in the future!Can't believe this means there aren't any. Or is it because everybody's
    ashamed they got rid of them? Or is it only because I'm new to the scene and
    not very good at getting the info?
    Stan H

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