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Thread: Rialto Ballroom

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    Quote Originally Posted by John Doh View Post
    I'm getting "Page cannot be found" on my computer. Can anyone else see it?
    No , i'm getting the same thing ...

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    Well you will try links that was posted in 2008, tsk the link has changed to a flowershop.

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    Quote Originally Posted by George View Post
    Picture No.3 is definitely NOT from the Rialto's heyday - it shows the building well after its fortunes had begun to decline. I guess this was from the mid-60s just after it had been sold as either a bingo hall or to 'Old Man Swainbanks'.

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    Picture No.3 is definitely NOT from the Rialto's heyday
    Its the nearest you're gonna get to its heydays.

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    I'm afraid is no more.

    Updated weekly with old and new pics.

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    Here's one of it on fire, during the riots.
    Started the Old Swan Website:

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    Default The Rialto Ballrom.

    My wife & I were on holiday & while we were having a coffee we were talking to some other holiday makers, about eight in all.
    We realised that we were all Liverpudlians & had all met our partners at the Rialto in the 60's.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gina G. View Post
    So glad you have happy memories of the Rialto my father was Hal Graham (he was the band leader at the Rialto and died in 1990 aged 81). Me and my two brothers spent many happy hours at the Rialto at the cinema and as a special treat (when I was 11) we were allowed to stay up late and be at the ballroom to watch my dad at work with his band, Faith Brown was the singer and she married my Dad's bass player Len Wadey.

    My Father was heartbroken when they shut down the ballroom it was his life and to see the Rialto go up in flames was so upsetting for us all, it was such a wonderful place and to me as a child a magical place that I will never forget.
    Hello Gina, I was assistant general manager at The Rialto ballroom 1961/62 and fondly remember your father well. We shared many conversations and had quite a lot of laughs.The Hal Graham band had a great sound and your father was a happy person who was always up for a laugh.

    It was a sad day for me when I saw the charred ruins of The Rialto.
    Best regards,
    Ken Black

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