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  1. Fate of the other Liverpool Overhead Railway coach

    Car 7 led a nomadic existence after the closure of the LOR being used as an office by a coal merchant and then a firm of car breakers, at some time after its sale from the LOR scrapline it lost it's...
  2. Cunard Yanks - thanks

    Thank you for the responses to this thread. I'm glad to hear that two of the guys are still going strong. They are born performers for filming!

    Stephen Wolstenholme
  3. Liverpool Overhead Railway - transfer of motor coach to new Museum of Liverpool

    LIVERPOOL'S famous Overhead Railway stretched from Seaforth in the north to Dingle in the south.

    It served one of the busiest ports in the world, the centre of the country's trading activity.
  4. Cunard Yanks - short video interview

    Please see

    for an interview with former Cunard Yanks, recorded at the Liverpool History Show, St Georges Hall in 2006.

    Liverpool in the late 40's through...
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