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Temperance and The Band Of Hope

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Liverpool like may other major cities has always had its fair share of hostelries. Scotland Road was renowned for having ...a pub on every corner... whilst most other parts of the city also had their fair share of pubs. There was many a traumatised housewife on Friday night, wondering it an errant husband would make it home with his pay packet and if he would have the strength of character to pass the many pubs en route. But consider this, most people lived in cold damp and draughty homes, many in insanitary conditions, so the welcoming warmth of a pub and its coal fire was a great temptation.

Vauxhall Road (East side from Naylor Street to Paul Street looking North) Shops, pawnbrokers but mainly pubs. 1869.

If the temptation to spend some or all of their pay packet in a local pub was not bad enough, the temptation was increased with the sale of alcohol at football matches.

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