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Liverpool Picturebook

Lizzie Christian

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When I was a young lad of 15 I worked in Liverpool city centre, at the time I was riding a bike delivering newspapers for W H Smith who had a bookstall in Central Station. I remember well the cold winters the snow and the fog and the ice, I remember the traffic driving along Church Street Parker Street and Lime Street. There were days when I couldn't wait for 4pm to arrive so I could cycle back home. I would start work in Central station at 6am in the morning and on my way through the city I would see the barrow girls, the flower sellers and the newspaper vendors, laying out their wares ready for the commuters that would arrive by bus and train I would see Lizzie Christian on almost a daily basis, Lizzie was a stalwart among barrow girls in Liverpool.

Lizzie Christian
┬ęStephen Shakeshaft

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