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April Ashley 'Portrait of a Lady'

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The 26th September 2013 saw the official opening of the April Ashley: portrait of a lady exhibition at the Museum of Liverpool. I was fortunate to be asked to help in procuring photographs for the timeline of this event. The story of George Jamiesons struggle to become the lady he always knew he should be is an important part of Liverpool's History.

In 1960, a 25-year-old man from Liverpool called George Jamieson lay down on a hospital bed in Casablanca. His last memory before he lost consciousness was seeing his surgeon leaning over the bed and saying, “Au revoir monsieur.” During the nine hours he was asleep everything changed. “When I woke up the surgeon was looking at me again. Only this time he said, 'Bonjour mademoiselle.’ And those were the most lovely words I’d ever heard.”

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