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Wavertree History

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A lock-up, a small house, a tower a dispute over water and a house named after Sir Walter Scott's birthplace, just a small part of the history of a Liverpool suburb 'Wavertree'.

Wavertree Lock up

An octagonal lock-up built of sandstone in 1796 it is often referred to as the 'Round House', it was a place were the villagers, who would assist the village constable, or indeed the constable himself could detain drunks and vagabonds. The owner of the Lake House, John Myers objected strongly to it being built claiming it would spoil his view but his objections were overruled and the building of the lock-up went ahead, the work being carried out by a Mr Hind. The building became redundant in 1845 when the first Police Station opened in the village. In its time it was used by cholera victims, in 1832, some time later it housed irish people escaping the famine as well as being used to store the village fire hose.The Wavertree board of health considered demolishing it in 1868 but it was reprieved and became a listed building in 1979.

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