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The Man In The Cylinder

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First written about by Richard Whittington Egan

So who was the man in the cylinder, how did he get there and was he there of his own accord? these were the questions that sprung to mind when I first heard this tale.

It referred to a cylinder, which was found near the junction of Great Homer Street and Fulford Street in Kirkdale. The site had been bombed and burned out during the blitz and when the area was cleared after the war, the cylinder, which was about seven feet long and two feet in diameter, was dislodged from the ruins of one of the buildings which had stood there and left on the waste ground where it remained. Children played around it people sat on until one day, a boy named Tommy Lawless, apparently playing hide and seek noticed a mummified human foot poking out of one end and fetched the police. The P.C. who was on patrol in the area was Robert Baillie , he attended at the scene of this gruesome find.
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