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William Crawford & Sons

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The firm of William Crawford & Sons started in 1813 as a family bakery business in the Scottish seaport of Leith, now incorporated within the city of Edinburgh. A small premises was the place where Crawford’s began to manufacture their many specialities. From this small beginning in Leith the company went on to be a household name in the UK and in many other parts of the world. One very important milestone in the progress of Crawford was the opening their Liverpool works.

Fairfield Biscuit Works in Liverpool in 1897, the factory offered a large modern food production plant affording pleasant working conditions with the most up to date equipment available. Alexander (Alec) Crawford was the architect of the Fairfield Works in Binns Road, Liverpool and in 1927, he purchased Sandown Hall in Wavertree, which he presented to the firm in 1930 when it became the base for Crawford’s thriving sports and social club.
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