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City Expansion Renders Tram Proposal Redundant

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This web site has been updated with a section on a cheap extension to Liverpool John Lennon airport across fields, also serving Speke and Hale village. The section: "City Expansion Renders Tram Proposal Redundant" may be of interest as the city has moved on substantially since the misconceived tram concept, with two proposals under planning similar to London's Docklands wither side of the wide river.


I hope you find it of interest. Here is an added section:[INDENT][COLOR=#6600cc][B]City Expansion Renders Tram Proposal Redundant[/B][/COLOR]

The Merseyside region has been in the process of regeneration for a number of years. Since the tram network was conceived, Liverpool has progressed enormously. Events have overtaken the tram network before it has even been built, rendering the project a most certain expensive white elephant.

Two large construction projects, similar to the London's Docklands, [URL=""]Liverpool Waters[/URL] and [URL=""]Wirral Waters[/URL], have been proposed and are in the planning process. The tram network does not take these projects into account. For London's Docklands to be successfully a new metro network was built, the Docklands Light Railway, to service the virtually new town within a city, and give rapid-transit connections to the rest of London and airports. It has now over 30 stations, about half the number of Merseyrail. This rapid-transit metro was viewed as essential for the success of the project. The metro did ensure the success of the London Docklands.

The two major football clubs in the city, [URL=""]Everton FC[/URL] and [URL=""]Liverpool FC[/URL] are simultaneously planning new stadia. Liverpool FC have a planned stadium at Stanley Park, adjacent to the freight only Canada Dock Branch Line, which can accommodate Merseyrail passenger trains serving the districts it runs through and the new stadium. Everton FC have not finalised a site for their stadium, however the City Council sensibly are suggesting sites next to Merseyrail metro lines. Rapid-transit metro is an essential precursor for such large stadia, reducing impact on the surrounding residents and road traffic congestion. 30,000 to 40,000 per hour can be shifted using the Merseyrail metro rapid-transit network with connections to all Merseyside and mainline stations. A tram system could never shift the volume of people that a rapid-transit metro network can, being wholly unsuitable for such a task. A tram network could never move passengers at essential rapid speeds.

The transport priority in Liverpool and Merseyside is rapid-transit connections between:
[LIST][*][URL=""]Liverpool Waters[/URL][*][URL=""]Wirral Waters[/URL][*]Liverpool City Centre Business District[*]Liverpool City Centre Shopping District[*]Liverpool John Lennon Airport[*]Liverpool Lime Street Mainline Station[*] [URL=""]Everton FC[/URL][*][URL=""]Liverpool FC[/URL][/LIST]
Extending the Merseyrail metro to these key points and districts will ensure success of the two prime projects and economic growth within Merseyside. The image of the city will be greatly enhanced and viewed as go-ahead. The two stadia alone will attract many thousands of visitors, British and foreign, to the city each year projecting a highly positive image.[/INDENT]

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