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The James William Carling Story

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The Pavement Artist (A Liverpool tale)

Addison Street 1929

James William Carling (1857–1887) was a pavement artist from Liverpool.

Carling was born at 38 Addison Street, Liverpool in the Holy Cross parish in 1857. He was the son of extremely poor Irish parents. From an early age James was known as the "little drawer" or "The little chalker" and used Liverpool's street pavements for his art and to beg for money. Carling attended Holy Cross School.
His Father was a blacking maker Henry Carling, has mother being Rose and he was the youngest of their six children. Catherine was the eldest born in London, and the next two sons William and John were born in Hull, Yorkshire. The younger of the children, Henry, Terence and James were born in Liverpool. In the 1861 census there was a married couple Terence and Ann Jane Lynch living with the Carling family at 38 Addison Street. It is possible Terence was the brother of Rose Carling.

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