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Churches and Religions in Liverpool

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This project began when I was asked to find out the origins of several churches in Liverpool and the dates of their demolition. It was whilst researching this information I realised the vast number of different churches and indeed religions that have sprung up throughout the city from the early beginnings of, Walton on the Hill and St Mary Del Key (Quay) at the Pier Head. It is then, out of necessity that I have written such a long article, I did consider publishing it on the website in two chapters, but I feel that detracts from the story of the city churches and the growth of the various religions. Wherever possible I have tried to trace photographs of the churches with some degree of success.

The ancient parish church of Liverpool was St Mary’s Walton on the Hill, 3 miles from the present location.

In 1699 Liverpool, with a population of less than 5000, was created an independent parish with two churches: Our Lady and St Nicholas (often called the ‘Old Church’ or St Nicholas) and a new parish church of St Peter in Church Street, consecrated in 1704, which has since been regarded as the principal church of the parish, and was therefore appointed the pro-cathedral in 1880. It is a plain building with wide round-headed windows, consisting of a chancel with vestries, nave, and west tower. Its chief merit lies in the woodwork, and it preserves its galleries on three sides of the nave, the general arrangement of the seating having been but little altered since its first building. It was demolished as soon as part of the new cathedral was in use. On Saint Peter’s Day, 29th June 1910, the Lady Chapel, the first part of the Cathedral to be completed, was dedicated by Bishop Chavasse and Cosmo Lang, Archbishop of York.

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