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Liverpool Castle

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Liverpool Castle - Medieval origins

For more than 400 years Liverpool castle stood as a strong town fortress and witnessed some significant local historical events. Although no traces of the original structure remain, the site of Liverpool Castle is immortalised in Castle Street within the city environs.

Medieval Castle

The early history of the castle is somewhat uncertain but it seems probable that it was erected by William de Ferrers sometime in the period 1232-1247. Little is known about this early structure but an inspection of 1347 revealed the castle was comprised of four towers, was surrounded by a dry moat, and included a chapel, bakehouse, brewhouse, herb garden, dovecot and orchard. An inquisition taken in the first year of Edward III (1326-27) found Robert de Holland in possession of the castle and borough of Liverpool, a holding collectively valued at ₤30.10.0.
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