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Liverpool - The Home of the Confederate Fleet

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[QUOTE=BobEd;410710]During the American civil war, Liverpool was the unofficial home of the Confederate fleet.

The first act of the war - the first shot of the civil war was fired by a cannon made at Lydia Anne Street.

The very last act of the war - Captain Waddell of the CCS Shenandoah, walking up the steps of Liverpool Town Hall surrendering his vessel to the Lord Mayor, after sailing 'home' from Alaska to surrender. On the outbreak of war the Northern Union fleet blockaded Confederate ports to prevent trade and supply of munitions of war. The Confederacy had no navy and proceeded to build one from Liverpool.
The break-away Confederacy was not recognised by the United Kingdom, with cotton importers Frazer Trenholm in Rumford Place acting as the unofficial Confederate embassy. Commander Bulloch of the Confederate Navy was based in Liverpool. He never returned to America after the conflict remaining in Liverpool for the rest of his life now laying in Toxteth Cemetery. Liverpool provided ships, crews for the ships, armaments and provisions of war of all kinds for the Confederacy. The city also provided ships for the Northern Union.
Northern Union Spy Network Formed in Liverpool
Britain stated that the country would not supply the means of war to the Confederacy. Liverpool's involvement in supplying the Confederacy was so extensive, the Northern Union Consul to Liverpool, Thomas Dudley, set up an effective spy network in Liverpool, consisting of locally hired men of over 100 strong. Information was relayed back to Washington.

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