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Victoria Street

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Victoria Street in Liverpool was built in 1867 in order to connect North John Street to Manchester Street, the area was originally made up of a warren of tiny narrow streets with slum housing and industry. It suffered heavy bombing during the blitz and the General Post Office (GPO) and the Government Building where both hit. The damage to the government building was judged to be so severe that it was demolished and its basement foundations to this day remain, as a car park.
The post office however was rebuilt but without its French chateau style upper tiers which can be seen in the photographs on this page. Victoria Street was also home to the Fruit Exchange (also pictured) and was a major centre for fruit and provisions trade for many years, The building still remains but is generally in a poor state of repair,
In 1934 when the Mersey Tunnel opened the road became an extremely busy thoroughfare. At the tunnel end of the Road the Liverpool Echo Office once had it’s Headquarters and was constantly surrounded by Echo and Liverpool Daily Post vans.
The Echo moved to new purpose built premises in Old Hall Street but the exterior shell of the old Building remains although the interior was rebuild as offices for their council and others.

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