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Liverpool/Merseyside to Join Wales

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Welsh & Scots devolution puts Glasgow, Edinburgh and Cardiff in great situations to English cities. The devolved countries have the power to introduce their taxation. There was a debate on Land Valuation Taxation in the Welsh Assembly recently. Glasgow is attempting to get Land Valuation Taxation implemented. This is difficult to do in England as the United Kingdom government have to pass this sort of tax.

Liverpool with derelict buildings, similar to Glasgow, attempted to get Land Valuation Taxation through to clear up the dilapidated buildings a few years ago. Josh Vincent of Center for the Study of Economics in the USA, went to Liverpool to advise to local government, but Whitehall officials beat them down.

Some people over the years in Liverpool have suggested Merseyside, in England, be incorporated into Wales. This sounds a good idea. OK Southport, St.Helens and New-le-Willows would want to move out and back to Lancashire, which is understandable. Fine. Neston, Runcorn/Widnes (Halton) can take their place.

Then Wales will have two big cities, one north and one south, and they will have control over their own affairs, partially removing the dead paw of London.

A great positive solution all around.

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